Here is what our satisfied customers are saying…

“Hey Jeff, We wanted to personally thank you for such a great day out on the water. We would have been happy with just your boat, the music, and the company. However, catching the big bass made our day complete! You are definitely the “true fish finder”…. We look forward to getting an email with a picture of our Big Fish, (no one will believe me otherwise), and we’ll look for you on our next trip up to the Vineyard. Many thanks! “
Bobbie and Jeff Sapp

“Jeff took our family out on a crystal clear day, and it was beautiful out there. But when all five of us were ‘fish on!’ at the same time, the look on their faces was priceless as they struggled to haul huge Atlantic striper bass up from the deep. When the stripers got to the surface, the “OMIGOD” cries were everywhere — they’d never seen fish that big! Jeff is a super nice Captain, knows where the fish are, and my family said the day was a Top 5 event in our family time list. The beaming smiles on their faces is something I will always cherish, not to mention the 45-lb monster I pulled aboard. Take a ride aboard the Done Deal, you will be in for an unforgettable trip! Thanks, Cap!”
Al Mahoney, Oak Bluffs, MA

“Hey Cappy Cahna, Great Labor Day fishing off shore! From Bluefish to Blue Shark, Scup to Fluke, From Mahi Mahi to Mako! Great time with a great Captain! Thanks!!”
Gene Kelly, Long Island, NY
“Dear Captain Jeffrey, we just want to thank you again for the fabulous day we spent aboard the “Done Deal”. It was a very comfortable boat, handled by a very skillful and knowledgable captain. The striped bass fishing was incredible – every drift was, ‘Fish on!!!’ A very fun trip and an experience to remember.  Be back real soon.”
Steve and Sandy Pietruska

“This picture tells it all about our super successful Father’s Day  aboard the Done Deal. We had an amazing supper of fresh striper fillets that night! Thanks for the memories!”
The Barletti family, New York